okay, lyssie: just so you know i'm FUCKING SERIOUS.


i’ve changed my avatar to your fave photo of me.

yeah, the one i’ve always believed you ruined, by having me crop out the fucking hat, mm. okay, so no one else feels that way. find.

but anyway, as i said in my email to you, miss ofmythandbullshit:

i’ve decided.

there will be no:


Oh my God, Emma

Calling me out in public, tho?  So unnecessary

Why you gotta do me dirty this way?  Aren’t we beyond this?  Clearly not. 

And by the way, that is not my favorite photo of you.  


Cannot believe I’m being publicly shamed. 

A white college student from a private college goes into a poor neighborhood and volunteers four hours a week and that’s considered exemplary. [Whereas] a poor kid who lives in that community and takes care of all the kids in that neighborhood four hours every day is not seen as a volunteer.